Sunday, 1 December 2013

Tamil Director Shanker and Vikram Combo Latest Movie Manoharudu (i in Tamil) Progress Details

Indian one of the Grate Director Shanker is well known to every Indian movie lover.  He got a image equally with Star Heroes in South Indian Movies Zone.  He may be defined as the combination of Grandness, Variety and Social Elements.  He showing variety and creating awareness for the society with his each and every movie.  

His upcoming latest movie is 'i' with multi-language like Tamil, Telugu and other south languages.  The title of this movie in Telugu is Manoharudu.  Tamil Super Hero Vikram and Ami Jackson is pairing for this movie. Mr. V. Ravichandran producing this movie through Ascar Films Banner.  Manoharudu (i) is nearer to complete its shooting.

Details of this prestigious project 'i' (Telugu: Manoharudu), which Budget is 100 Crores is given below:
  • 'i' means in Tamil is Beauty, King, Softness, etc.

  • Story of this movie narrated by famous writers of Detective Navel's Mr. D. Suresh Babu and A.N. Balakrishna.

  • Marry Vogt, who was the Costume Designer for Hollywood movie 'Men in Black' is working as a Costume Designer for this movie Manoharudu.

  • The action sequences are picturising in the supervision of Peter Ming, who is belongs to China.

  • The Visual Effects are providing by Rising Sun Pictures Company, which belongs to Australia.

  • 1/4th part of the movie is picturised in China.

  • The action sequences are picturised in the cities like, Bangkok, Jodpur, Kodaicenal, Polacchi, Chennai.

  • Veta Digital Company, which is the famous in the division of Digital Makeup and background Art, who worked for stunning Hollywood Hits like 'Avatar', 'Lord of the Rings', 'Hobit' is working for 'i' movie.
  • Makeup Men especially called for Vikram's getup from the other countries.  Everything will be special and variety in Vikram from hair style to dressing.
  • 'i' (Manoharudu) movie is planning to release world wide in 17 languages.
  • Spared 30 days for the picturization of Climax scenes.

Ace Director Shankar said that "Lot of time consuming for the picturisation of the movie and also the hero Vikram and the movie is also getting richness.  We are trying to show this movie in variety manner, which picturising with Rs. 100 Crores approximately.  I am sure that the Veta Company will give a newer experience in the division of makeup to the Indian movies.  This will once again prove to the audience that why the Hero Vikram is grate actor through this movie".

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