Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Lokpal Bill passed in Loksabha

After approval of Lokpal Bill in Rajya Sabha, the Lok Sabha has also approved on Wednessday afternoon.  The Central Government of India accepted some corrections as indicated by Opposition BJP in Lokpal Bill and BJP has given the support for approval of Lokpal Bill.  Mrs. Sushma Swaraj, MP of BPJ has expressed earlier as the Ruling Party contestants are opposing for reviewing of Lokhpal Bill in the Sabha.  

Today the Lokpal Bill is entered in the Lokh Sabha.  In this context, Mrs. Sushma Swaraj talked about this bill and state that we should review this bill for approval.  In the manner of Ruling Party candidates is very objectable in this sessions, as themselves given the notices of No Confidence motion for their Ruling Party.  Suitable actions should be taken on them to establish peaceful atmosphere in the Sabha.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Deputy President of AICC stated that all parties should be step forward to approval of Lokpal Bill.  This Bill is a weapon in anti corruption situations, he expressed.  All parties should be given their cooperation to approval and the meetings are extended if needed for this purpose.  The History will be established with Lokpal Bill.

Mr. Sharad Yadav expressed that, the Prime Minister should have responsibility about Parliament and this is not correct to include the Prime Minister in Lokpal.

Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav, MP of Samajvadi Party is rejected the Bill and walked out of Lok Sabha.  He expressed that, the officers will panic for this Bill.  None of the officer in the country will not work properly, if this bill is to be a Statury Rule.  The Congress and BJP are not having patience for this bill to observe technical drawbacks.  Finally Samajvadi Party candidates are walked out from the house and rejected the Bill.

Anna Hajare unveil his Dheeksha:
Anna Hazare, who taken Nirahar Dheeksha for Lokpal Bill is unveil his Dheeksha, as the Parliament is approved the Lok Pal Bill.  He expressed that, I am verymuch happy for approval of Lokpal Bill.  My sincere thanks to all the Select Committee and all Parties, who approved the bill.  I have been fighting for this bill for a past 2 years, the people want a strong lok pal.

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