Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Nokia is in the hands of Microsoft

The world famous cell phone company Nokia is sold to Microsoft.  Nokia Corporation, which running from the Finland is sold out its Mobile Phones Business to Microsoft.  The Microsoft Company will be bought the Nokia Corporation with its Mobile Phones Business for 5.44 Billion Euros (7.17 Billion Dollars).  In Indian currency the approximate value is Rs. 46,000/- crores.  

The Microsoft will be paid 3.79 Billion Euros for Mobile Phones division and 1.65 Billion Euros for important patents of Nokia Corporation through cash.  This decision is announced both representatives of Microsoft and Nokia.  This bond will complete in the early of next year 2014 with bounding of some terms and conditions.

At present, there is a upper hand of Samsung and Apple iPhones in mobile world.  It think that there is a good relation between Nokia and Microsoft while Nokia using Microsoft Windows OS for their smart phones.  After the present bond finalized, the Microsoft company will settled well in India and other countries, which are having more market scope for mobile phones and tablets.  This is the best opportunity to the two companies.  This is the very good opportunity to the Nokia, which suffering from the money matters.  This is noted that once upon a time, the Nokia was the King in mobile phone’s market and now the Mobile King (Nokia) is clean sweep by Samsung’s mobile revolution in very less time.

 Lets wait to watch what the happenings will take place.

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