Friday, 6 September 2013

Gadget – Samsung Smart Watch Galaxy Gear (Digital Watch) and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Smart Phone Details

Samsung Smart Watch (Galaxy Gear) Photo

Samsung Galaxy Note III Photo

Samsung Electronics Company is the world famous for mobile accessories and it occupied the Top Chair in Mobile accessories, especially in Smart Phone 3G and 4G.  Even though, the Samsung Electronics has reached the top chair in Mobile accessories, there is no relaxation to the company and updating their smart accessories on the basis of trendy people mindset and needs.

The Samsung Electronics has introduced Smart Watch (Digital Watch) Galaxy Gear, which connected virtually and also their prestigious Smart Phone Galaxy Note III.  The Samsung Electronics is demonstrated these gadgets on 5th September, 2013 in the Business Exhibition.  The Smart Watch (Digital Watch) Galaxy Gear will release on 25th September, 2013 worldwide market with a price of 299 Dollars (Approximately Rs. 19,500/- INR).  The Smart Phone Galaxy Note III is also released on the same day, but the price of Smart Phone Galaxy Note III is not yet revealed.  The Samsung Electronics’ Marketing Manager David Parx said that “Galaxy Note III and Galaxy Gear (Smart Watch) will sell in 149 countries and these gadgets will be released America and Japan during the month of October, 2013.

Galaxy Gear – Features and Specialties:
The Digital Watch having 1.6” Screen, 2.6 Bounce Weight, 1.9 Mega Pixel Camera on Strap of the watch, Speaker is also there for making calls.  It can facilitate to taking of photos and instant messaging.  60 No.of apps preloaded in this watch, but there is no app for e-mails and songs downloading.

Galaxy Note III – Features and Specialties:
The Galaxy Note-III is the less in width and weight when compared to Galaxy Note II Smart Phone.  This smart phone works with Android 4.3 software.  Multiple operations can do at single time with 5.7” Super Amold touch screen.  S Pen with 13 Mega Pixel, 168 gm weight.  The Warm Texture Cover will also be supplied with this Smart Phone.

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