Thursday, 22 December 2011

Nag Rajanna Movie Review

Rajanna is a film that has generated a lot of positive buzz ever since it hit the floors. Nagarjuna plays the title role and it is said to be the most influential character played by the Shiva star till date. He was so impressed with the story that he came forward to produce it. Let us see whether the movie has lived up to its hype.

Cast : Nagarjuna, Sneha, Baby Annie, Swetha Menon, Nazar, Ajay, Supreeth, Pradeep Rawath, Mukesh Rishi, Ravi Kale, Supreeth, Ajay, Gandhi and others
Crew: Director: Vijayendra Prasad; Producer: Akkineni Nagarjuna; Music: MM Keeravani; Camera: Shyam K Naidu; Lyrics: Sivadatta, Ananth Sriram, Suddala Ashoka Teja, Surender Mittapally, Chaitanya Prasad.
Release date: 22nd Dec, 2011

In to the Story..
Rajanna is a story based on real life incidents that took place in Telangana in the 50’s and the part of the tale is fabricated with fictional elements. While India got the freedom from the British Raj, the people in Telangana were not free. The reason is that Hyderabad state was still under the Nizam rule. The Nizam along with his private army harassed the poor people. The rich landlords too conspire with the Razakars to keep the people in poverty and bondage.

At this juncture, a valiant freedom fighter Rajanna (Nagarjuna) awakens the people with his patriotic songs to fight the injustice being done to them. He is a balladeer and his songs give confidence to the people to rise and fight. However, Rajanna gets killed. He has a young daughter Mallamma (baby Annie). She is saved by her music teacher Nasser from the evil Dorasani (Swetha Menon).

Nasser teaches music to Mallamma and she too becomes a balladeer like her father. Nasser takes her to Delhi to meet Prime Minister Nehru to bring to his notice that her village has not yet got freedom. Dorasani sends her goons to Delhi and they catch Mallamma before she can go and meet Nehru. What happens next is the basis for the remaining part of the story.

Superb acting by Baby Annie
Good performance by Nagarjuna
Good story, screenplay and Deft direction
Excellent music by MM Keeravani
Action episodes directed by SS Rajamouli
Art work (period sets are very authentic)
Songs - and the song ‘Veyyi… Veyyi…’ in particular is very good

Negatives:There are very few negatives. The slow pace in the first half and the very late entry of Nagarjuna are the negative points.

Analysis and verdict:
Rajanna is a beautiful film told in a wonderful way. The film is good in all aspects. Director Vijayendra Prasad deserves full credit for making a good and meaningful film. He should also be thanked for bring out best from his technicians and the actors. The film is definitely worth watching. Nagarjuna must also be commended for his faith in the story and for producing such a flick.

Rating: 3.5/5

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