Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Loksabha - Lokpal Bill 2011 Approved Parliament of India

The Indian Living Legend "Anna Hazare" achieved the Lokpal Bill..  

The Indian Parliament has Introduced and Approved "Lokhpal Bill"..  During Lokh Sabha.. Lokpal Highlights...
  • Discussions were closed on Jan Lokpal Bill in Indian Parliament. 
  • Voting started
  • Voting avoided by BSP and SP
  • Editing indicated by BJP and Left Parties are rejected by the Government
  • 10 Editings are accepted by the Government of India
  • Mejuvani Voting on Total 10 Editings
  • Mejuvani Editings accepted by the Government
  • Moojuvani voting accepted by the Government
  • Corporate Media Companies are not covered under Lokpal Bill
  • Votings: 
    • Supported Votes for 10 Editings of Bill is 321
    • Against Votes for 10 Editings of Bill is 71
  • Lokpal Approved with the Moojuvani vote.
  • Government Rejected the proposal of Corporate Media Companies coverage under Lokpal Bill.

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