Wednesday, 9 December 2015

What is the National Herald Case?

The words "I am the daughter in law of late legend Indira Gandhi.. I don't fear to anybody" is spoken by Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Former AICC Chief, India in the context of Journalist asked a question about National Herald case.  Moreover, she allegedly said that, the NDA Government provocating the unnecessary things on the Congress Leaders like me and my son.

The situation is very hot with these incidents of above in Indian Parliament.  A question is arising in every common man in India that what is the National Herald Case?  and let we know that why the BJP Leader Subrahmanya Swamy petitioned a case under misutilization of funds on Smt. Sonia Gandhi and Sri Rahul Gandhi.

Indian first Prime Minister late Sri Jawaharlal Nehru established Associated Journal Limited (AJL) with the own funds of Congress Party.  The National Herald is one of the Journal company among three Journal companies.  It was closed on 1st April, 2008, due to experienced big losses in past decades.  After that, the Associated Journal Limited was moved in to Real Estate Business and earned lands with huge income in the metro cities like, New Delhi, Lucknow and Mumbai.

After that, the AICC Chief Smt. Sonia Gandhi and her son Sri RahulGandhi were established "Young India Limited" company during the year 2010.  76% of shares have owned by Sonia and Rahul in this company.  The remaining shares of 34% owned by Mr. Vora, Treasurer of Congress Party and other main Congress Leaders Mr. Ascar Fernandej, Mr. Suman Dube, Shyam Pitroda.  

After that, the AJL owned through Young India Limited with Rs. 50 Lakhs only, which was worth of Rs. 5 thousand crores.  In this context, the BJP Leader Sri Subrahmanya Swamy given a petition in the year 2014 as Rs. 2,000 Crores, which belongs to National Herald Journal were misappropriated in this process of owning of the AJL by Sonia and Rahul Gandhi.  After admitted the case of National Herald, the Lawer Sri Sunil Gour of High Court questioned that "why the loan of Rs. 90.25 crores were given to the Young India Limited without any interest" and the court summons issued in this context to Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Sri Rahul Gandhi and other Congress Leaders to attend the court in the process of inquiry.

The Delhi High Court rejected the request of Sonia and Rahul as not appearing before the court in the funds missutilization case on Monday and the Court given another strict orders to appear in the court on 19th of this month.

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