Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Malaysian Airplane - 239 people out in sea

After 16 days of the research has been concluded as sad for Malaysian Airplane's case, which airplane out in the sea with approximately 239 number of passengers of 26 countries.  Nazeer Rajak, Prime Minister of Malaysia has announced that, the plane is out in the sea with approximate 239 number of passengers, which scheduled to travel from Koulalmpur to Beizing.

Even though there is a roomer of "hijack of Malaysian airplane", there is a shatillite witnesses proved as the airplane is out in South Hindu Mahasamudram.  In this situation, Nazeer Rajak, Prime Minister of Malaysia has been sent SMS to the concerned people.

He expressed that, the exact reasons of this incident will be find out and the necessary action will be taken up later.

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