Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Nexus 4 price down to a few earlier purchasers

It is happy to say that the Nexus 4 cost go down is offered to earlier purchasers, who buy the gadget within the period of 15 days of Google’s $100 price cut and bought the device through the Google Play Store.

Those who purchased couple of week days of time the Nexus 4 cost go down yesterday.  Presently have 15 days to recoup $100 from Google appreciation to the company’s Price Protection Program for the device’s purchased through the Google Play Store.

The purchaser, who recently purchased the Nexus 4 should fill up the simple form on Google’s website and obtain the refund of the variation of the cost.  

Once again telling that this offer to not all the Nexus 4 purchasers, it related to the purchasers, who purchased within the 15 days of yesterday’s price down.

ClickHere to read the complete details of cost go down for Nexus 4 of $100

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