Friday, 20 July 2012

Raksha Bandhan Festival – Raki Panduga

What is Raksha Bhandhan Festival:

Basically the Rakhi festival is explained as the blessed tie between brother and sister.  Its famous in India as Raksha Bandhan (Raaki Festival in Telugu) is each and every one set to be celebrated with enjoyment and passion in India on August 2nd.  The marketplace also is busy with selling of Rakhis and additional gift things for this event.

A seller expressed that "we have lined up a number of types of fashionable Rakhis and gift packs for both sisters and brothers.  Depending on the requirement individual can purchase.  The gift articles are ranged prices between Rs. 100 to 1,000 while a series of Rakhis beginning from Rs. 5 to Rs.200 is offered in the market".

Agreeing to information, the fair is appealing crowds together.  The reasonably priced Rakhis starts from Rs. 5 and are simple threads with good-looking designs in the center of attention.  There are also the ornamented varieties are for sale from Rs. 30/-.

Women further advised that there are gift packs also that include sandalwood or decorative Rakhis and ornamented packets of 'roli and chawal'.  In fact, there are many extraordinary envelopes even to send Rakhis to brothers, who are settled in abroad.

The Rakhi bonded by nanand to bhabhi is called as Lumba in traditional Marwadi and Rajasthani categories, is too acquiring popularity within women.  These are available at the Rakhi fairs in the series of Rs. 20-800.  In addition to this, such traditional Rakhis, there is a growing interest in innovative hand-crafted Rakhis. 

So, let's make enjoy with Raksha Bandhan Festival... I wish you a Happy Raaki/ Raksha Bandhan Festival to you and your family..

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